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You would all know that ayurvedic massage is a relaxing and luxury activity. The massage offers relaxation and pampers you during the process. Specific internal reactions take place during the oil massage which keeps you healthy. The effects of the oil massage can treat various health disorders. The use of medicated oils is the speciality of the Ayurvedic body massage. You can go for a Kerala body massage in Trichy and enjoy its unique benefits.


Continue reading to know about the effects of ayurvedic oil massage.

Exhibits Sensory Effects

During the ayurvedic oil massage, the massage therapist offers pressure on the skin. Skin is the primary sensory organ which gets stimulated during the massage. Stimulating the skin cells also helps in balancing the various doshas of your body. It is that the sensory effects offered by the oil massage can help in calming down the brain. This is due to the connection between the skin and the nervous system. Doctors recommend massage therapy for premature and ADHD children. The sensory effects of oil massage can help in reducing your stress levels.


Powerful Mechanical Effects

Experienced massage therapists in Trichy employ various massaging techniques when offering oil massage. It involves rubbing, stroking, pressing and other activities for stimulating your entire body. The massaging techniques offer powerful mechanical effects to your body. The mechanical pressure offered improves muscle compliance. It is evident that your blood circulation is improved with a regular body massage. The mechanical effects influence the psychological mechanism and thus reduce anxiety and stress. Oil massage offers several powerful mechanical forces which contribute for healthy living.


Goodness Of Massage Oil

The use of oil for the massage is the fundamental principle of Abhyanga. It is said that the use of medicated oil for the body massage can offer several health benefits. The oil used possess the power of stabilising the various doshas of your body.


Generally, the oil used for massage is heavy, and hence it is ideal for eliminating Vata from your body. It, in turn, increases the kapha and energises your body. Thus your body gets nourished with regular oil massage. The use of greasy oils helps in a great way to eliminate Vata which is dry. This property of the oil works in moisturising your skin and your body. The inner cells get liquefied during the oil massage. The medicated oils used for massage are soft and thus helps in reducing the stiffness of muscles. Therefore your body becomes flexible and healthy.

The use of oil which posses the properties of a liquid can spread all over the body. The oil has the power to mitigate Vata and stabilise kapha and pitta. It is common that the massage oils used are sticky and slippery. This helps in flushing out the unwanted toxins and wastes from your body. It is possible for the massage oil to reach the narrow channels and stimulate the deep tissues. Thus the oil used exhibits specific beneficial effects to your body.


There are various internal effects of Abhyanga which helps in keeping body healthy and sound.

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